The Phoenix Arizona band Southwest By Midnight uses advertisement photography via me this summer to help promote their new upcoming album due to be released on iTunes in early 2014. Southwest by Midnight is a band from Phoenix, Arizona that blends sun-drenched rock with a little blues and funk. I recently shot some of the band members laying down some tracks at Full Well Recording Studio. Patrick Discoll was the engineer who recorded the session the day I was there and got to contribute some imagery. Band members have opened for the Gin Blossoms and The Doobie Brothers and shared the stage with members of Guns ‘n Roses, Quiet Riot and Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. The band consists of Lindsey Shannahan (Lead Vocals) Jacques Billeaud (Guitars, Keyboards) Pat Flannery (Guitars) Shaun Thurston (Bass, backup vocals) Chris Fiscus (Drums, Percussion)

The day I was there shooting these images they were recording pieces of their new songs “602” which is about life here in the valley, a goodbye ballad called “Done with you” and a roadhouse alternative country tune called “double Down” which is about hitting the reservation casinos.

The studio is hidden in a residential neighborhood that butts up against commercial properties so it has a nice downtown feel to it. The studio itself is packed with Marshall amps to the ceiling made up of both classic vintage and modern high tech pieces of equipment. There are extra guitars, keyboards, piles of pick, drums and more in about every crack and cranny that the eye can see.

It was fun to shoot in a dark airconditioned room that is about nothing else than music.