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Southwest by Midnight Uses Advertisement Photography

The Phoenix Arizona band Southwest By Midnight uses advertisement photography via me this summer to help promote their new upcoming album due to be released on iTunes in early 2014. Southwest by Midnight is a band from Phoenix, Arizona that blends sun-drenched rock with a little blues and funk. I recently shot some of the band members laying down some tracks at Full Well Recording Studio. Patrick Discoll was the engineer who recorded the session the day I was there and got to contribute some imagery. Band members have opened for the Gin Blossoms and The Doobie Brothers and shared the stage with members of Guns ‘n Roses, Quiet Riot and Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. The band consists of Lindsey Shannahan (Lead Vocals) Jacques Billeaud (Guitars, Keyboards) Pat Flannery (Guitars) Shaun Thurston (Bass, backup vocals) Chris Fiscus (Drums, Percussion)

The day I was there shooting these images they were recording pieces of their new songs “602” which is about life here in the valley, a goodbye ballad called “Done with you” and a roadhouse alternative country tune called “double Down” which is about hitting the reservation casinos.

The studio is hidden in a residential neighborhood that butts up against commercial properties so it has a nice downtown feel to it. The studio itself is packed with Marshall amps to the ceiling made up of both classic vintage and modern high tech pieces of equipment. There are extra guitars, keyboards, piles of pick, drums and more in about every crack and cranny that the eye can see.

It was fun to shoot in a dark airconditioned room that is about nothing else than music.

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Common Wedding Photography Styles

Your wedding photographs will be significant future mementos of your big day, so they should be epic. For satisfying wedding photographs, be clear about the individual photography style of your photographer. A photographer’s strategy, illumination, viewpoint, and arrangement are a few things that determine their photography styles.

Before you hire a wedding photographer, discover some wedding photography styles to know about and what makes them unique.

A digital camera’s lens with attached special filters can help a photographer achieve vintage wedding photography. Also, a film camera and proper editing techniques are significant requirements for a vintage photography style. Coloring like sepia and tones like heightened brown and graininess can also help a photographer achieve a vintage wedding photography feel.

Black-and-white photography style can keep your wedding moments ageless and convey your feelings and emotions in a much better way. The easiest way for a photographer to achieve black-and-white-style photos is to use a black-and-white camera. Also, the photographer can decide to transform digital color images into this style during post-production.

A reportage photography style is the best option if you want a photographer to create your wedding documentary. Since your wedding documentary or story must be genuine, the photographer should only capture real emotions and natural moments of your big day. Skilled photographers in reportage photography are quick in their camera settings adjustments and don’t focus on the wrong elements.

An editorial wedding photography style can be a good option if you love magazine photo shoots. Many confuse editorial photography with a photojournalistic style, but the two aren’t the same. A photographer will pay more attention to how you pose and photo lighting during editorial photography. Editorial photography also means the photographer will direct and control everything to ensure perfect wedding photos.

Traditional wedding photography styles don’t involve much creativity, which makes them formal. But, the classic look in these wedding photography styles makes them long-lasting. Incorporation of a traditional wedding photo style into your family portrait can make the best photo album.

Landscape photography is a good option for nature enthusiasts. For instance, your landscape wedding photography can take place on a beach, mountain, or other scenic places. You, your spouse, and the photographer should find a suitable location and visit it for scouting before the wedding day.

For perfect fine art–style photos, your wedding photographer must be creative and innovative during the filming and post-production editing processes. Unlike other wedding photography styles, like the classic style, fine art photography is usually bright, softer, and airy. Such characteristics make fine art photography styles best for romantic celebrations.

Consider a fine art photography style if you intend to have an amazing bright outdoor wedding.

A dark and moody photography style is a good option if you intend to have a quirky wedding vibe. Photographers use camera lighting or natural light to create dark and moody images. Once the photographer films a wedding’s images, they alter their tonality during post-production editing to make them more filtered and dramatic.

Desaturated and moody photography styles have similar colors but vary in subjects. Unlike in moody photography, where your pose will convey your moods, desaturated style requires the photographer to edit an image’s saturation. A desaturated photography style is also a good option if you intend to have your wedding occasion outdoors.

Since the photographer will take your wedding images from an elevated position, they must have special equipment. For instance, the photographer should have a quality drone with the best camera. In this case, the camera takes high-definition images.

If you have a wedding but don’t know who to contact for quality photography, worry no more. Alstrin Photography guarantees you the best wedding photography and customer satisfaction.

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5 Valuable Reasons to Invest in Professional Product Photography

The world is increasingly driven not by words but by images. Do you have the right images of your products and services? Do your images convince customers to spend their hard-earned money? Do they build your brand the right way? Or could you use help reframing your brand and image to grow even more?

One simple way to accomplish all of these goals is to consult with a professional product photographer. In an era when many people have a camera in their pocket at all times, small business owners may not realize the value of working with an outside photographer. To help you find the best solutions for your business challenges, here are a few of the most important ways professional product photography will benefit you.

If you want customers or clients to see your products in the right light, you need to show images of them in the right way. Poor quality images can easily cause a customer to see your brand as cheap, unmotivated, poorly managed, or amateurish. On the other hand, the right quality pictures make you look larger and more professional than you may feel. They also capture your products in the best possible manner.

Today’s brand pictures aren’t just ways to show your products or services to customers. They’re ways to tell potential buyers a story you want them to know.

Consider a local honey producer who sells at farmers’ markets but wants to expand their range. How can they tell the story of their honey business through images? What values can they project? What image do they want distant customers to see? As a photographer gets to know you, your goals, and your business, they can help you find new ways to tell these stories.

High-quality photos aren’t just for one-time use. Even though you may purchase them for your website, for instance, you can also use them in brochures, print ads, banners, trade show booths, social media posts, signs, special promotions, and even on the walls of your business. You’ll never need boring stock photos again.

Perhaps your business has already been operational for a while, but you’ve hit a wall in growth. Has the initial thrill of being a business owner worn off and you aren’t sure where to go next? Bring your enterprise and your own enthusiasm to life by looking at it through a new lens.

Aside from their training and skill, professional photographers are independent outside parties who can help you see things in a different way. They may suggest new angles or props, experimental techniques, unusual settings, or camera tricks. Any of these can help you refresh or refocus your energy.

While your cellphone camera can do many things, it can’t substitute for a proper, high-quality photographic setup. But do you know how to create a professional photo shoot? Most owners aren’t familiar with lighting techniques, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, or using a rangefinder, for example. If you want to improve the quality of your product photos, though, you may need to learn these skills.

Do you have time and money to invest in equipment and training in good photography? Probably not. So why not work with someone who already has all these things and will bring them to the table without your extra effort?

Ready to give your small business the boost it deserves? Start by meeting with Alstrin Photography. We’ll help you find the best images to tell your story, build your brand, and attract the right customers. Call today to make an appointment.

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A Photographer in Phoenix Shoots Erik Wahl

Recently I got to photograph the six graduation ceremonies at Grand Canyon University for Moses Advertising. As a photographer in Phoenix I get to photograph and meet a lot of entrepreneurs and interesting people. Erik Wahl was the inspirational motivational speaker at all of the graduations and custom tailored his speeches and paintings for each of the different graduating colleges. It is the best part of my job. Photographing, meeting, hanging out with and working for super creative people like Erik Wahl and all the people at Moses Advertising and Grand Canyon University. Erik makes his creations both upside down and in the length of a single song cranking loudly through the stadium filled to the brim with people.

Through his study of graffiti artists, Erik has been blown away by graffiti art’s freedom to break all the rules. Art no longer needs canvases, libraries, concert halls, museums or art critics. Art isn’t about requiring opening and closing times or paying money to experience it. Just as nature surrounds us with its beauty, graffiti art can also exist and spread the messages of its creator. Graffiti art breaks all the rules of creating and viewing art, allowing for the public to encounter it in the strangest places at the oddest moments.

In an effort to continually challenge his own artistic abilities, Erik’s vision has moved past the canvas to new mediums, such as public walls, sidewalks, empty factories, barren deserts and the middle of a forest. He incorporates new artistic tools like driftwood, dirt, rocks, seashells or even shoelaces.

In the past 10 years, he has shared his incredible message with the largest and most influential companies in the world, leaving behind his prized artwork as a reminder of his passion for breakthrough thinking. He’s the Warhol of Wall Street, the Renoir ofROI, the Picasso of Productivity, the Jobs of… well, having a Job.

Erik has a new book coming out on June 14th which I am really excited to get. It is called UNthink (a word he has trademarked) It is about re-discovering the keys to unlock your fullest potential. UNthink is a book that pushes us beyond our traditional thought patterns. UNthink is a book to inspire everyone to rediscover that we are capable of so much more than we have pre-conditioned for. Creativity is everywhere and in everyone who has the courage to unleash their creative genius.

UNthink will help you reframe your thinking so that new creative actions become possible. You’ll step outside convention to discover unexpected solutions to business challenges. You’ll inject your daily grind with passionate new solutions. You’ll rethink your assumptions about your role at your workplace. And you’ll begin the process of rethinking your life as a blank canvas of limitless opportunities by which to create your masterpiece.

And, no now that you are at the bottom of the story Erik Wahl did not get shot “shot” he was just photographed by me which I call shooting.

A Photographer in Phoenix Shoots Erik Wahl2023-01-16T13:50:58-07:00

Random Karma by Phoenix Event Photographer

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving eve hanging out and photographing Random Karma at Martini Ranch. As a Phoenix event photographer I get to shoot a lot of events and have tried photographing these guys before but they are not the easiest band to catch. They are each individually successful outside of the band so they don’t play in public where you can see them near enough. The live show these guys put on is great. They give the feeling that they want the crowd to just have a great time and that is exactly what happens, a good time. Each musician knows the ins and outs of their instrument and when they set Louie Moses loose on the drums he shows off the kind of drum talent that Arizona has and experience leads to.

The band is made up of brothers Erik Ramnath and Al Ramnath handling guitars and vocals, Greg White on bass and vocals and Louie Moses on drums and percussions. Just a lot of talent and a lot of fun when they play both awesomely entertaining covers and creative tight originals. They are real rock and roll.

I really recommend checking these guys out if you get a chance. They can often be found opening up for Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and usually play in Rocky Point at Circus Mexico.

Random Karma by Phoenix Event Photographer2023-01-16T13:51:57-07:00

Phoenix Az Event Photography of Roger Clyne & Ph Naffah

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers along with The Gin Bossoms are two of the best and two of my favorite bands out of Arizona. I have been following Roger Clyne and have watched him at countless concerts since he started his previous band The Refreshments. I have been doing Phoenix AZ event photography of the bands more recently as I have had more access to do so via my friends who make up another band called Random Karma. I also was grade school and high school friends with Scotty Johnson of The Gin Bossoms who now also has a band called Elvis Before Noon that played that night as well. On the eve of Thanksgiving this year all three bands played in one night on one stage to a very intimate crowd at Martini Ranch and it was a really good time. The night started out as a meet and greet with Roger sharing his Mexican Moonshine tequila with the guests and amongst friends and fellow other band mates. The sound was great and the crowd was casual with plenty of elbow room which was is certainly nice when watching musicians on occasion. They all still jammed and it certainly had the signature feel of a full on RCPM concert with plenty of sing alongs and tequila shot toasts.

Martini Ranch has been host to many a bands since 1994 when it opened its doors. Being in this intimate setting with plenty of room to get around made it nice to photograph the three bands through out the night and have a great time along the way. Heres to life!

Phoenix Az Event Photography of Roger Clyne & Ph Naffah2023-01-16T13:53:01-07:00

Phoenix Arizona Photographer Goes to Burning Man

As a Phoenix Arizona photographer both loving art and specializing in events going to Burning Man is like going to Mecca. This is of course if you also like hanging out with hippies and don’t mind dust. I happend to be fine with both and have a underwater case case to protect my expensive camera for the week. It is about a 1500 mile round trip trek and almost a two week commitment to do it right and not have to rush in or rush out. You also have to bring all the supplies you need for the week and bring home every single piece of trash you create because nothing is for sale there and it is a no trace event.

Imagine a city where you get get hugs throughout the day from brief acquaintances, a place where there is no such thing as reaching in your pocket for tender, where bars and coffee houses have free drinks just in exchange for a roll of the dice and an act of chance on your part to entertain the barkeeper, where the very best farmers markets offer beautiful fruit for free, where a single temple at the quietest part of the city that encompasses all beliefs, a place where yoga classes and massages are free and common, where constant passing music playing cabs are everywhere that you can board for free, a place where art, kindness, and entertainment is abundant and almost everywhere you look.

There is such a place for one week of the year.

This year I had been at Burning Man four days and still not made it out to spend some time at The Man. I had seen him of course from the various trips around the city because he is pretty much visible from everywhere.

A few of us were out bar hopping when the biggest storm of the week set in and we were about a mile and a half away from our camp out by the sound camps and huge music domes at the far end of the city. At this point I was by myself and decided to take shelter from the 30-40 mph winds with zero visibility in some large extra pieces of truss that were used to build the domes that I stumbled on to hoping the white out would pass.

After about 30 minutes I decided to slowly try to head back to camp after putting on my goggles, face mask, and covering myself with flashing light lights front and back so nobody would run over me. I walked and pedaled for a good long while and thought I was getting close to where I wanted to be when I came across The Man right in front of me appearing out of the dust 3 or 4 stories high.

I was over a mile from where I thought I was. But, I was finally there, by accident, as the sky started to clear. It was awesome beyond words. This place is somehow more beautiful, dirty, harsh, magic, and full of lessons more than any place I have ever been. I fully understand why hundreds of thousands of people over the years have gone there and forever referred to it as )'(ome.

Phoenix Arizona Photographer Goes to Burning Man2023-01-16T13:54:19-07:00

Super Cool ipPhone Camera Case by Smart Phocus

Super cool and useful iPhone camera case accessories are finally here! I have done a bit of research and found the Phocus Accent to be the best and most user friendly. It fits well in your hand and pocket too. It is very lightweight. I actually have been wanting such a case that would protect my phone if I dropped it. Ok, when I drop it. The standard “Accent” case comes with the case and a two piece lens and when attached it is wider than the normal iPhone lens which is a nice feature. If you unscrew it you can use the base part of the lens for macro or close up photography on it’s own. It’s a great starter kit for a photography enthusiast and it is only $99. Being a professional photographer I of course want to have an entire arsenal of lens options so I opted for the two extra lenses for a very small additional fee. One is a fisheye and the other is a telephoto. These combined with my small tripod in a nice little bag makes up my advanced kit.

The case also has a mount for a LED light for pictures and video at night as well. Smart Phocus even has a Nikon and Cannon adapter rings so I can put my professional grade lenses on my iPhone. There are countless benefits to all this for me. When I am going to a event, party, or place that I know I will be taking more than just a picture or two then I bring my small lightweight iPhone bag to be able to have access to all my tiny gadgets for what ever opportunity arises. The case has three different tripod mounts making almost anything possible.

When on a photo shoot for a client I can now capture files with my Nikon D4 and work on them for the client when I get back to my office before I deliver them. But, when on location for the shoot I can duplicate what I will be giving my client with my iPhone and send it to them right away for layout purposes, Facebook applications, or what ever. Awesome!

As the phones get better and better I think we will be seeing a lot more of Smart Phocus and it’s products in the future. The link below will take you directly to their site and please tell them I sent you in the comments box and get started expanding your iPhoneography.

Super Cool ipPhone Camera Case by Smart Phocus2023-01-16T13:54:56-07:00

Darrell Gwynn Foundation – Day Museum Gala Event Photography Arizona

Generous people all gathered around a awesome car museum to help the Darrell Gwynn Foundation raise money for kids in wheel chairs who’s families either can not afford them or who have been turned down by insurance. Doing event photography Arizona is not the only place my job takes me. This month it got me out of the heat and took me to Corona, California where the Day family was kind enough to host a fund raising Gala for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. It was a gather of many people who are in the motor sports industries in all sorts of ways with a dinner, silent auction, a live auction with the popular and always entertaining young guestauctioneer Cole Ashley, followed with live music on the rooftop of the Day Family Museum. I am lucky enough to be able to call Darrell Gwynn a friend of mine and he is one of the nicest and most inspirational people I have ever met.

Darrell was in a tragic top fuel dragster accident just over twenty years ago which left him in a wheel chair. Since that day once he recovered he dedicated his life to helping others in wheel chairs have a better quality of life through better mobility. Darrell and his foundation raise money non stop all year long all over the country getting involved with events from fishing tournaments to the Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auctions.

The gala had such celebrities attending as Craig Jackson, Bill Goldberg, Don Prudhomme, and Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs. It was a great evening at a great place with plenty of awesome cars to check out. And, for those who stayed late the party ended up around the Day’s bar with Cole’s father schooling the Day family, Ryan of West Coast Customs, and a lucky few other of us with some top shelf premium moonshine.

Darrell Gwynn Foundation – Day Museum Gala Event Photography Arizona2023-01-16T13:56:02-07:00

Event Photographer Arizona Was the Beginning for Barrett Jackson

I went to the very first Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale in 1971 when I was just a little kid. Now, as an event photographer Arizona is home to both my business and still theirs. And, a life long love and appreciation of cars has come of it. That weekend was and is probably the reason I have spent my life as a fairly avid car loving guy. I rode my bike up to the hotel parking lot where the auction was held and walked around asking people for work until one guy handed me some wax and a towel. He told me to to start at nose end of his Corvette and wax my way to the rear bumper. And, then when I asked him what I could do next he said now wax from the rear to the front. And, that is what I did all day long and I think I waxed that car probably five times that day. When the day was coming to an end and the car was getting ready to get rolled on to the auction block he handed me a $20 bill which I excitedly pocketed.

I have been going back to Barrett Jackson auctions on and off for pretty much my whole life. Eight years ago back in 2005 I got to photograph my first auction for Barrett Jackson directly as one of my clients. We both have grown a lot since then. Now Barrett Jackson event are filled with a range of nice clean affordable clean cars to ultra high end one of a kind rare gems. They are also populated with celebrities like Bret Michaels and Jay Leno and filled with charity cars that raise millions of dollars from each and every auction.

It has been great to watch them grow and to be able to be a part of that. Darrell Gwynn is a hero to many for raising money for wheel chairs for kids and families who can not afford them. He is also one of the many people I have been lucky enough to become friends with through my doing photography at Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auctions. There are many of us and you know what they say… Once a car guy always a car guy.

Event Photographer Arizona Was the Beginning for Barrett Jackson2023-01-16T13:57:07-07:00
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