I myself as a Phoenix commercial photographer am in the middle of doing a year of coaching with Sarah Kay Harrison owner of Live Evolution who specializes in high end life and business coaching. We met over a year ago when doing the Forum Class at Landmark Education. Landmark Education does similar type of coaching but in a classroom environment where Sarah does a more personal one on one coaching with a longer commitment. I am working with her for a one year contract where we meet once a week and do continual work on my goals, my business interactions and avenues of growth, and my personal interpretations and interactions with the people in my daily life. I am a advocate of taking classes and having a person on your side on occasion through out your life to continually help keep you on track to reaching your goals and dreams. These things can be hard to do on your own and easily forgotten as time quickly passes by. Sarah specializes in giving individuals, groups & organizations the razor edge on success. She works to give you the tools, training, and education you need to become your own greatest asset. She invests in you. Coach Sarah personally shows you how to get results in any area that you lack satisfaction.

Life coaching is a practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. Life coaching uses multiple methods that will help clients with the process of setting and reaching goals. Coaching is not targeted at psychological illness and coaches are not therapists.

Life coaching differs from counseling in that it is primarily focused on the present and the future. It may be necessary to look back to find the root causes of some unhelpful thinking patterns, and then untie some knots, but the process returns to the “where are we now?” and the “where do we want to go?”

Life coaching is for anyone who wants to improve some aspect of their life. There are 4 main areas of focus in coaching agreements; Success, Health, Relationship, and Growth/Wisdom. Under each of these areas fall most challenges, opportunities and new possibiities on which to focus. For example, you may want a promotion, to write a novel, to find your perfect partner, to find new self confidence, or get rid of a destructive habit. Alternatively, you may want to create more balance between your work or private life or you may have an unrealized goal to start your own business, find the focus necessary for passing important exams or it may simply be you are unhappy without knowing why.

Whatever you want to change or create, coaching can probably help. There are a couple of notable exceptions. One, if you have a mental illness or a hard drug problem, then coaching is probably not the best primary option for you.

I am all about more people being happy and reaching all of their dreams making the world overall a better place to live for everyone.