As one of the leading Phoenix event photographers I was out in Las Vegas shooting the Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction in the fall. We do a lot of work in Las Vegas where there are more events than anywhere in the world. This event was at Mandalay Bay Resort which was really nice being able to stay, work, and play all in the same destination without ever having to leave. Whether shooting myself or with a team we always use only the ultimate and most up to date top of the line Nikon and Cannon equipment. Though photography is all I have ever done my entire life it never gets old because of the ever changing technology whether it be at my end being the user of the cameras and software or because of the clients ever changing technologies. It all supports a unique ever changing ever evolving challenge and ability to continually re invent and create new and different for my clients.

The Las Vegas auction is always packed with celebrities and this time I photographed Criss Angel, The Old Man from Pawn Stars, Rick from American Restoration, Josh Duhamel, and many others. Of all the Barrett Jackson Car Auctions the Las Vegas show has the most super cars and the most rest mods which are my two favorite types of cars. And, in addition to all these good things it is a nice relaxing half days drive across the desert so no planes, no security, no rental cars, and we just travel at our own pace and stop along the way to collect odds and ends out of the middle of nowhere desert.

It’s almost impossible to be a Phoenix event photographer and not be also regularly shooting high end events in beautiful close by Las Vegas, Nevada.