I have always loved shooting food photography. Probably because I know I will be eating really good on those shoot days and will most likely be taking some home as well. I recently did professional commercial photography of about a dozen of the featured specialties at The Wrigley Mansion. I also photographed many images of the infamous Sunday buffet there as well which is acknowledged as one of the best in Phoneix. The Wrigley Mansion has an eclectic synergy, blending elements of the 1930’s art deco style with the energy of today. Enjoy signature cocktails or a light snack, while viewing the best sunset in the valley. With the view as dramatic as the atmosphere, you should go and experience the passion and history of the Wrigley Mansion. tWe had to have the entire shoot done before the restaurant opened on a Sunday morning for the spectacular buffet.

The first plate out to me was this amazing presentation of a caesars salad and I knew it was going to be a tasty day. It was followed by plate after plate of beautifully laid out edible pieces of fantastically tasting art. We had lights and everything set up in the other room as well waiting to shoot the infamous Sunday buffet right at the last minute before it was completely set up and before the first customer was to would walk in.

I would recommend checking it out whether to sample some appetizers, to have an elaborate meal, or indulge in the Sunday feast. And, if you can do it on a day when they have the guided tours of the mansion you will get the most out of your experience and visit. Aaahh, some of the benefits of doing professional commercial photography in a city with such great food as Phoenix, Arizona are priceless.