I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving eve hanging out and photographing Random Karma at Martini Ranch. As a Phoenix event photographer I get to shoot a lot of events and have tried photographing these guys before but they are not the easiest band to catch. They are each individually successful outside of the band so they don’t play in public where you can see them near enough. The live show these guys put on is great. They give the feeling that they want the crowd to just have a great time and that is exactly what happens, a good time. Each musician knows the ins and outs of their instrument and when they set Louie Moses loose on the drums he shows off the kind of drum talent that Arizona has and experience leads to.

The band is made up of brothers Erik Ramnath and Al Ramnath handling guitars and vocals, Greg White on bass and vocals and Louie Moses on drums and percussions. Just a lot of talent and a lot of fun when they play both awesomely entertaining covers and creative tight originals. They are real rock and roll.

I really recommend checking these guys out if you get a chance. They can often be found opening up for Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and usually play in Rocky Point at Circus Mexico.