Super cool and useful iPhone camera case accessories are finally here! I have done a bit of research and found the Phocus Accent to be the best and most user friendly. It fits well in your hand and pocket too. It is very lightweight. I actually have been wanting such a case that would protect my phone if I dropped it. Ok, when I drop it. The standard “Accent” case comes with the case and a two piece lens and when attached it is wider than the normal iPhone lens which is a nice feature. If you unscrew it you can use the base part of the lens for macro or close up photography on it’s own. It’s a great starter kit for a photography enthusiast and it is only $99. Being a professional photographer I of course want to have an entire arsenal of lens options so I opted for the two extra lenses for a very small additional fee. One is a fisheye and the other is a telephoto. These combined with my small tripod in a nice little bag makes up my advanced kit.

The case also has a mount for a LED light for pictures and video at night as well. Smart Phocus even has a Nikon and Cannon adapter rings so I can put my professional grade lenses on my iPhone. There are countless benefits to all this for me. When I am going to a event, party, or place that I know I will be taking more than just a picture or two then I bring my small lightweight iPhone bag to be able to have access to all my tiny gadgets for what ever opportunity arises. The case has three different tripod mounts making almost anything possible.

When on a photo shoot for a client I can now capture files with my Nikon D4 and work on them for the client when I get back to my office before I deliver them. But, when on location for the shoot I can duplicate what I will be giving my client with my iPhone and send it to them right away for layout purposes, Facebook applications, or what ever. Awesome!

As the phones get better and better I think we will be seeing a lot more of Smart Phocus and it’s products in the future. The link below will take you directly to their site and please tell them I sent you in the comments box and get started expanding your iPhoneography.